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'Tis the season

This holiday season we are celebrating the bonds that connect us. When you walk into Oasis there’s at least 1 thing we have in common, a mutual love for plants. In a season that can be overwhelmed by fleeting things, plants offer a little something more.

Giving or receiving a “green friend” reconnects you to a source of life that wants to be shared. We and the many small businesses in Oak Cliff strive to bring deeper meaning to this “gift giving” time of year. Let’s spark deeper connections by being more thoughtful in our purchases. Give the gift of plants, click here!

bringing life to your space:

interior plantscape

Our design team will curate a look for you based on your own unique, individual style. A thoughtful, elevated service for your residential or commercial space. Share your vision with us and we’ll bring your project to fruition and do all the heavy lifting.

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