Philodendron 'billietiae'

Light - Bright Indirect
Water - Every 7-10 days

Plant Facts!
~A new-ish discovery, the billietiae was first found in nature in 1981 and introduced to houseplant enthusiasts in 1995
~Characterized by its large wavy leaves and yellow-orange petioles, it usually reaches a max height of 3-feet and max width of 8-inches in a pot at home
~Let the potting medium dry out completely between waterings

How often you end up watering your plant depends on a variety of factors such as the size of the plant, how much light it is receiving, and type of container it is planted in. These are only general watering guidelines.

Plants are L I V I N G making each one unique. Your plant may not look identical to the one in the photograph and may vary slightly depending on each shipment and time of year.